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Represented Lines

Find out more about our Harbinger family of vendors

Alex Conroy Textiles

Bay Area-based textile designer Alex Conroy is drawn to a wide range of artistic and decorative styles that have made...

Caitlin McGauley

Caitlin McGauley is a watercolor artist and textile designer. Her clients include Hermès of Paris, the Ritz Paris, Christian Dior,...

Clare Louise Frost

Clare’s line is unique, colorful, quirky & elegant. Textiles are hand blocked, hand woven and hand embroidered by creative and...

Fanny Shorter

Fanny Shorter’s work has its roots in traditional British craftsmanship and design, but is unmistakably contemporary. Fanny’s original artwork is...

Ferrick Mason

Painterly, fresh, and utterly distinctive, Ferrick Mason textiles have been coveted by world-renowned designers and their clients since they first...

Helene Blanche

Helene Blanche is a Danish textile designer known for her playful, original fabric and wallpaper collections characterised by a Scandinavian...

Idarica Gazzoni

The collection is a global mix of colorful patterns based on each region’s styles and atmospheres, history and decorative arts.

Imogen Heath

Imogen Heath is a British designer committed to celebrating pattern, colour and beautifully crafted textiles for interiors. 

Isobel Mills

Known for her brand of playful, yet sophisticated fabrics, creating is her tactile way of making sense of the world.