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Studio Four NYC

Studio Four NYC is a New York City textile design studio & showroom with a focus on fabrics, wallpapers and rugs that are made to order or are produced in small batches and foster both creativity and sustainability. Supporting female entrepreneurs has been a focus since the beginning and they work with women artisans and makers from around the world, valuing both traditional materials and new techniques. Their in-house collections range from a selection of simple yet luxurious Belgian linens to multiple textile and wallpaper collaborations with artists and designers such as Wayne Pate, Amber Interiors, Nina Freudenberger and Robert Rufino.

Founder Stacey Waggoner is a collector with a curious nature, who can’t get enough of just about anything. A consummate traveler, she always finds something to pick up along the way, and everything she finds she wants to know more about—studying and delving deep into how it was created. Stacy’s love of art and design traces back to her Texas roots, where she grew up in a house full of art and artists. Newly minted partner, David Estes, has been with the studio for more than a decade.