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Sharland England

Sharland England was founded by Louise Roe as a way to turn a dream into reality and put into practice her greatest joy: designing beautiful pieces for the home. Growing up in the English countryside, Louise's home was peppered with antique chintz, rattan, cane and patinaed wooden furniture. She was surrounded by the warmth, tradition and nostalgia these pieces evoked.

‘Sharland’ is the maiden name of Louise's great Grandmother. Three generations of family lived in Buenos Aires; all strong British women with a wicked sense of humor and a refined sense of style. Marjorie Sharland threw magical parties and entertained with a sense of ease. The table looked elegant, yet somehow, informal.

Louise's childhood memories inspired the identity and aesthetic at the core of Sharland England. Blending history, hand and tool, they support local artisans and craftspeople, using techniques passed down over centuries. Louise enjoys sourcing every antique and designing every piece of furniture and tabletop, before watching it come to life through the hands of our artisans. Sharland England's wicker is sustainably sourced using entirely natural rattan, and made slowly, by hand, with the greatest of intention and care.

Louise truly believes there is nothing like these natural materials and designs – full of their own stories - to add a sense of luxury and timelessness to a room.