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Ryan Mennealy

Ryan Mennealy is a ceramic artist based in Lake Forest, California serving visionary designers and patrons worldwideFrom visits to his dad’s ceramics classroom and growing up with a pottery wheel on their deck, to eventually studying ceramics in college, all roads have led to where he is today....a potter.

Although he perforates his pieces for aesthetic reasons, some of the holes also serve a more tangible purpose. Those intended holes are words "written" in Morse Code. A small hole represents a “dot” and a large hole represents a “dash.” 

He refers to his Morse Code pieces as subliminal works. By encoding a word (or words) into the piece, it becomes a talisman. Whether or not the viewer consciously acknowledges the text, the piece is a beacon for its embedded code. And he aims to fill the world with objects of hope, love, dreams, and as many other positive permutations as possible.

Ryan throws, casts, drills and glazes every piece by hand, making each object unique.