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Architectural Digest | Oct 2018

Architectural Digest | Oct 2018

Beloved L.A. Showroom Harbinger Comes to New York: Here's What to Know

For years, East Coast fans of the Los Angeles showroom Harbinger have been nagging its founder, designer Joe Lucas. "When we have things like Legends that bring out East Coasters, people were always saying, 'When are you coming to New York?'" he recalls. "I've always said the one store is more than I can handle!" Well, that's about to change, as Lucas recently revealed plans to open a second outpost in the New York Design Center next month—ten years after opening the original L.A. location. "The more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be nice to have something out there," the designer tells AD PRO. "I'm originally from New Jersey, have family there, we do a lot of projects there, so it's kind of the logical next step."


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