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Architectural Digest | January 2021

Architectural Digest | January 2021

A classic home in the suburbs of Los Angeles

Designer Joe Lucas teamed up with architect Eric Evens to design a stylish, sophisticated home for the modern family in an LA suburb

Sophia Shatokhina

Karyn Millet

Before becoming a professional designer, Joe Lucas wanted to be an actor and even graduated from acting school, but he chanced upon interior design and realised that this was his calling. After working for three years for the popular American designer Michael Sean Smith, Lucas opened his own studio, Lucas Studio, and a little later, his showroom Harbinger in New York. He was invited to work on this project by architect Eric Evens of Evens Architects/KAA Design Group. The clients—a young family with children—grew up in Los Angeles and wanted to recreate the nostalgia of their childhood in the house. The design of the dwelling is inspired by the traditional buildings of the East Coast: spacious but cozy rooms, a lot of wood and, of course, large windows that offer views of the nearby hills.

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