Chris Barrett Textiles

Chris Barrett Textiles transition seamlessly from indoors to out, bringing the ease of Southern California living to any home. Vibrant colors, unique patterns, and premium, practical fabrics, Chris Barrett Textiles are designed for easy, beautiful living.

About Chris:

Chris Barrett Textiles was founded by Chris Barrett, a prominent Los Angeles-grown interior designer with three decades of experience. She launched the line in 2010 due to a lack of beautiful, different, use-anywhere fabrics for her own clients’ homes. Her boutique team of designers tailor each collection to the enviable indoor-outdoor behavior of Southern Californians, where indoors and outdoors are practically one and the same, and beauty and ease are equally expected in both spaces.

About the collections:

From hand-drawn designs to unique patterns inspired by travel and vintage print archives, Chris Barrett Textiles are a fresh departure from typical outdoor textiles. The prints are painterly, inspired, and unique. The weaves are unbelievable to the touch, with a hand expected of premium interior fabrics. The vision of Chris Barrett Textiles is to be future-proof—you’ll always be able to add on to your fabrics from earlier collections because new colorways always sit within a complementary palette.

For samples and pricing please call or visit the Harbinger Showroom